Quickly About Me

Rob is a self made Multi-Millionaire and through his astute business acumen has amassed a wealth of assets. Rob has also helped create over 100 millionaires during his business career and believes in partnering up with the right people to help leverage time, money and opportunities to the maximum benefit of all. Rob has business interests in 22 countries.

Latest Investments

  • UK Airline
  • African Game Reserve
  • Car Insurance Company
  • Offshore Bank
  • Online Casino
  • Car Rental Company
  • New Restaurant Chain

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy is the industry which the next wave of fortunes will be created.

  • Secures Our Future
  • Endless Source of Energy
  • Reduces Carbon Emissions


Rob is a major investor in multiple business sectors to take advantage of the safe and numerous opportunities out in the market place, as he is a big believer in multiple streams of revenue for long term security.

  • Rob is a major investor in multiple business sectors.
  • Financing new and existing companies with the capital they require.
  • Always ready to invest in the next big opportunity.

The Internet

The Internet is so powerful that if you can position yourself to take advantage of it you are guaranteed to be hugely successful in whatever industry you are working in.

  • Traditional barriers of international trading removed.
  • The Internet is unregulated.
  • Too many positives out weight the negatives.