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Today’s world is increasingly without borders, operating 24 hours per day. The business and financial world never closes, causing financial transactions to continue throughout the many different time zones each and every day. As a business man, investor and entrepreneur Rob has positioned himself to take advantage of and to work within this new exciting and fast paced market place.
This has enabled Rob to invest in companies with diversified business interests in different time zones resulting in an ever growing revenue generating portfolio 24 hours per day.

Rob is a self made Multi-Millionaire and through his astute business acumen has amassed a wealth of assets. He is a stock holder/shareholder in over 60 companies ranging from; Finance, Property Development, Renewable Energy, Mobile, Technology, Travel and Leisure, Gold and Silver accumulation, an extensive global Property Portfolio, Restaurants, Bars, Nightclubs, Logistic and Safety Devices, Internet based companies and Commodity Trading.

Rob has also helped create over 100 millionaires during his business career and believes in partnering up with the right people to help leverage time, money and opportunities to the maximum benefit of all.