Renewable Energy

Rob always looks to invest in making the future better for everyone....

Renewable Energy is the industry which the next wave of fortunes will be created. This is why Rob has positioned himself to be in the beginning of this new and for every lasting Industry as clean energy will always be needed.

Rob is a Partner and shareholder in an innovative Hydro Turbine company that produces clean electricity from the kinetic energy from our oceans. Working with Governments and large companies to make a difference in supplying clean energy needs to the world. The Hydro industry will be a bigger industry than the wind turbine market which generates 10′s of billions of dollars annually.

Waste to Energy

Using a patented waste to energy technology which takes Municipal Waste, Household waste, plastics, rubber tyres and many more types of waste and produces bio fuels as the by product. So not only does it get rid of the ever growing problem of waste but it produces a money generating commodity in return.

So being involved in the Renewable Energy Industry is very rewarding as not only does it help to produce more of the planets energy needs but also helps clean up the worlds problems by getting rid of the waste the world produces.